Tuesday, August 11, 2009

About Remedy

Remedy is for the college age and young adult body where we are given the opportunity to gather from around the community and surrounding communities, connecting with people and growing in Jesus Christ through fellowship, passion-filled worship music, a message of truth, and small groups.

Remedy is not through a church, although it is hosted at a church. It is for everybody, from all walks of life, all denominations, crossing all boundaries bringing together the body of Christ in the one unifying factor, Jesus Christ. Even if you have no idea who Jesus is, this group is for you as well.

It is just one night a week, so do WHATEVER you have to do to be able to be here, you will not want to miss out on God’s blessing through Remedy! If you work, try your best to keep Wednesday nights free!

We as college students all have many questions considering our future, our purpose. There are many trials we go through and no matter how hard we try and hide it we all have some sort of wound, brokenness, or pain in our life. May there be a Remedy in your life this summer, a Remedy that is forever.

Jesus is the Healer and His Fire is contagious!

Come and see